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Mel's big old list of books

I live in London with my husband, beluosus. I have a MSc in Library and information studies (Distinction) from City university and a MA (Distinction) in African/Asian History from SOAS, where I focused on Religion in Imperial China. I am interested in women's history, Taoism and the Tang dynasty. It's my dream to do a PHD in Chinese history, however my Chinese is nowhere near that level yet. So I continue studying.

Although I'm an atheist I'm very much interested in religion and the supernatural, the history of Ghosts in different cultures and women spirit mediums. I am also interested in British history, particularly the Tudors and the Victorian and Edwardian era. I was the historical consultant for the RPG Unhallowed Metropolis. I work as a local history librarian in the East End of London where I get to spend a lot of my time helping people with historical enquires.

In my LJ I try and keep track of what I read as well as practicing my chinese, 中文日记 though the past couple months I've not been doing nearly as much as I should.

If you can see the Chinese characters but can not read them and would like to be amused you can cut and paste them to babelfish which often results in much hilarity.

absinthe, alan moore, alchemy, anatole france, anthropology, arthur c. clarke, asimov, aztecs, babylon 5, battlestar galactica, bauhaus, berlin, bisexuality, blake's 7, books, brit pop, british sea power, buddhism, carl sagan, china, chinese, chinese films, chinese history, chinese imperial history, chinese language, coffee, comics, concrete blonde, corsets, cultural anthropology, daoism, das kleine gespenst, david bowie, decadence, demonology, ding ling, drag queens, dream of red mansions, eddie izzard, edgar rice burroughs, elizabeth i, empress wu, ethnography, feminism, film noir, formula 1, formula one, french, german, ghosts, glitter, goth, gothic, h. r. giger, h.g. wells, half-orc paladins, hammer horror, hedwig, hg wells, history, history books, hong kong cinema, iggy pop, imperial history, jack kerouac, jet li, journey to the west, kung fu, kung fu movies, laura roslin, lego, libraries, london, lord dunsany, mars, martial arts movies, mary mcdonnell, mayan culture, mayans, ming, museums, mythology, neil gaiman, nethack, nick cave, occult, occult sciences, okama game sphere, oscar wilde, pinyin, pixies, psychology, pulp, punk, qing dynasty, ramones, reading, robert heinlein, science, sinology, sisters of mercy, social anthropology, social history, song dynasty, space, star wars, stephen fry, story of the stone, suede, t'ang dynasty, tang, taoism, tattoos, tea, the pixies, theology, trad goth, transgendered, tudors, used book stores, velvet goldmine, victorian clothing, victorian history, victorian literature, vodka, whitby, william blake, william gibson, witch trials, zhang yimou, zhongguo, 中国, 中国古代史, 中国文化, 中国語, 中国话, 中國, 中文, 千奇百怪, 历史, 古文, 图书馆, 小说, 巫女, 武则天, 汉字, 神鬼教, 红楼梦, 美猴王, 英文